Canadian Cannabis Forecast

Canada passed legislation that legalized recreational use of Marijuana on March 22, 2018. In mid October 2018 they will become only the second country in the world to allow for legalized use.  It was originally banned in 1923 so that prohibition lasted for 89 years, just short of a century.

Part of the goal is to increase tourism but more so to increase the export of cannabis for medical use around the globe.  Each Provence with determine the conditions of distribution.

The government estimates that there will be $4 Billion Canadian in yearly sales.  Canada has a medical program with 200,000 registered users that has been growing at 10% per year.  The average Canadian medical Marijuana user spends on average $875 per year.

The tax is going to be one Canadian dollar per gram or 10% which ever is greater.  75% of the revenue will go to the providence. Studies expect about $3.75 Billion to be collected in taxes.

How to Start a Marijuana Business



This video is taken at the Southwest Cannabis Convention.  G5 Cultivation’s CEO, Larry Smith talks about everything he has learned running a cannabis business.  He got into the business because of his view that it’s real medicine.